Hydraulic cooling tower motors oil is a type of industrial

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Hydraulic cooling tower motors oil is a type of industrial lubricant which is used as the motive medium in hydraulic systems. Hydraulic oils provide equipment wear protection, helping reduce early pump failure, resist moisture, cool equipments, lubricate equipments, prevent rust & corrosion, transmit power, and increase efficiency of hydraulic systems. In fact, they are the workhorses of hydraulic systems. But same hydraulic fluids are used for all type of hydraulic systems. Different applications use different and specific hydraulic oils.

Generally, hydraulic systems are consist of hydraulic pump, oil filter, control valves, oil tank, pistons, pipes, power steering, brakes, etc. Hydraulic systems are widely used in industrial machinery, construction equipments, agricultural equipments, construction equipments, automotive, marine and aircraft application. In different application different types of hydraulic oils are used for specific purpose. Dont use same hydraulic oils in different applications.

There are different types of hydraulic oils having different properties. They are mineral based hydraulic oils, synthetic hydraulic oils and vegetable hydraulic oils. The most common hydraulic fluids are mineral based oils. They are low cost hydraulic fluids. They have most of the characteristics of hydraulic oils but have some disadvantages such as low fire resistance, very low biodegradability and toxicity. Synthetic hydraulic oils are specially designed from chemical compound.

Vegetable hydraulic oils are prepared from mainly Canola Oil. They are also termed as environmental friendly or green hydraulic fluids or oils. They are non-toxic and biodegradable but they have relatively low oxidation resistance. According to grading system and viscosity, hydraulic oils are divided into two classes Monograde and Multigrade hydraulic oils. One should always use hydraulic oils of right viscosity for better performance of the hydraulic systems or machinery.

Hydraulic fluids with proper viscosity quickly distribute to moving surfaces of hydraulic systems and provide long life to hydraulic systems. In fact, one should follow the guidelines of equipment manufacturers how to use hydraulic fluids.

One of the most important uses of hydraulic oils is brake fluids or oils. Generally, brake fluids are used in brake systems or brake applications in motor bikes, cars, and other light vehicles. The use of such fluids makes a vehicle to come to stop.

Thus, we see that hydraulic oils or fluids play a major role in hydraulic system of machinery. By using such fluids we can save money, time and also provide long life to the equipments of hydraulic systems. Apart from hydraulic fluids, there are also several types of industrial lubricants which are also very useful to for equipments. Metalworking fluids, turbine oils, compressor oils, synthetic motor oils, farming oils, rock drill oils, Quenching oils, gear oils, gas engine oils, etc are some useful applications of industrial lubricants which play a vital role to run smoothly and hassle-free.

In fact, motor oils are the major application of industrial lubricants which are used in different forms. Hydraulic oils, brake oils, gear oils, greases, etc are also forms of motor oils. They are also termed as the engine oils. Thus we see that one cant think about smooth running of automobile and other industries without use of industrial lubricants.

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