Motor Trade multi-speed motors Insurance for many businesses

18. prosince 2017 v 2:51
Motor Trade multi-speed motors Insurance for many businesses within the auto industry is one of their most expensive purchases. This article look at how companies within the motor trade can find the right insurance broker so they get the cover they need at a price that is right.

It is important to remember when buying your motor trade insurance policy that not all insurance brokers are the same. Whilst you may get similar high levels of service from most insurance brokers, the schemes and facilities they have access to can be quite different. And the facilities they have access to can have a major affect on the cover and premium you could end up paying. Just because one insurance broker cannot beat your existing premium, it does not necessarily mean another may not be able to.

This article therefore looks at 3 ways in which garages, mot stations, body repairers and other businesses in the motor trade can look to find the right insurance provider.

What makes you choose a restaurant, what will be your next car or holiday location? The fact is for most people the law of social proof in the main factor in making such decisions and in its simplest form, the law of social proof means what other people say about things. The top tip when choosing the right insurance broker is to actually ask people in similar positions to you for recommendations. If they have a business like yours and are receiving excellent service, cover and premiums from a particular insurance broker then there is a very good chance that you will receive similar. It is important to remember the point made above about not all insurance brokers being the same though as ideally your recommendation should be from a company in the same industry as you.

This leads us onto the second point and that is make sure you use an insurance broker who specialises in motor trade insurance. It is highly likely that most insurance brokers will be able to get you a quote for your motor traders policy but unless the broker is an expert in dealing with businesses who operate in the motor trade then your chances of securing the right cover at the very best premium will be diminished. A good way to find a specialist is to use an internet search engine like Google or Yahoo. Simply go the site and type in key phrase like combined motor trade insurance and a list of insurance brokers with specialist schemes will appear. The internet is no guarantee of quality but you can be pretty sure these companies have facilities that insurance broker who do not specialist will not have. And for you this could mean more cover for less money.

The final way to ensure you find the best insurance broker to deal with your trade insurance needs is to actually ask them questions when you are ringing around. For many people the process of getting a motor trade insurance quote goes something like this. They ring up an insurance broker, they spend 10 minutes answering questions and then they get a quote. This is a very simple and uncomplicated process but do you really know how good the broker is compared to another one? The truth is it is pretty hard for an insurance broker to differentiate themselves from other brokers but the good ones can make it happen. Therefore make sure you ask them questions so you are happy that they are the right broker for you. Questions to consider are, what insurance companies do they use, how long have they been providing insurance for and how will they help you should you suffer a loss and need to make a claim? It is often said you only find out how good an insurance provider is when you need to make a claim so find out if they are going to help you or just pass you a telephone number and leave you to it.

Finding the right insurance broker for your business can be the difference between several hundred or thousands of your money being in your pocket or the insurance companies. Follow the 3 tips above and you could end up paying less for your motor trade insurance than you ever had before.

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