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Do you miss three phase induction motors having a home cooked meal when you're on the move or, how about sleeping in a familiar bed? Tired of the whole reservation and traveling arrangement thing, then it is time for you to explore in a Holiday Rambler Motorhome. Every desired accommodation is there in a home on wheels. If you're dreaming of a mini- motorhome or one of the eight assorted motorcoach's that Holiday Rambler manufactures then make you're dreams come true. All Holiday Ramblers include the same wonderful level of comfort.

No other one like it- Atlantis

There is nothing out there like the Atlantis it is a Class C and it has everything in it that a motor coach offers. Holiday Rambler manufactures only one Class C due to the fact that it is amazingly designed. A Class C motor home also known as a mini-motor home is built on a van size chassis with a full motor coach on the back.

As always all Holiday Ramblers come with safety equipment and as an option rear-vision system. The rear-vision system is a built in dash screens so you can see what is behind you as well as keep an eye on what you are towing.

Motor Coaches - Your Choice From Eight

Do we really need eight Class A since all we need is one Class C? All customers merit the best made RV, for their buck as well as standard of living. This is why there are the eight motorhomes in the Holiday Rambler motorhome line, so to please all levels of life and people. They are all distinctive from design to either gas or diesel. Many have slide-outs and high quality designer fabrics, and the options to install a washer/dryer or a dishwasher. For your company comfort a air mattress for the sofa sleeper.

Some of your choices are diesel vs. gas, how many slide outs determines the extra space you have for those long distant travels, as well as washer/dryer, dishwasher, to the fabric of the interior and do you need a air mattress for your guest sofa sleeper.

Holiday Rambler includes the larger motorized side view mirrors for quick adjustments and are also heated for those misty and cold mornings. The engines are built to provide you with the muscle needed to tow or for those mountain trips. The leveling system is hydraulic to keep you stable where ever you park. Special designed windshield and a electric roll down sun visors are just some of the great saftey options you get.

With all the great and wonderful options you get with a Holiday Rambler you have to go see one. For whatever the reason you want or need a motorhome they will have the perfect fit for you.

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